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While most companies will not operate at this level, the strategic management of patents, and the costs of enforcing and defending them, are becomining critical business functions. In this accessible and practical guide, Henry Heines shows readers how to apply due diligence, a common concept in corporate finance and investing, to analyze the costs and benefits of patent management, and to navigate through the legal and technical maze.

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With dozens of examples from many industries, he walks readers through the various ways in which technological advances can be presented as patentable inventions and in which the patents of competitors can be confronted and evaluated. He also offers guidance in managing a portfolio of patents and inventions, regardless of whether they make it to market as products. A glossary of terms and listing of resources will make this book a handy reference for anyone involved in product development, corporate strategy, or intellectual property.

I had called him later that day. He was polite and low-key over the telephone and agreed to meet me the following afternoon. I offered to drive out to the synagogue, but he insisted on coming to my office in the city, explaining that he would be in the Central West End earlier that day anyway. I had assumed that he was coming to the city for the usual rabbinical visit with ailing members of the congregation who were in one of the hospitals along Kingshighway; it was only later that I learned that Wednesdays and Saturdays were his days to work in the shelter for battered women that he had helped establish.

I assumed he was short and overweight, with thick glasses probably horn-rimmed, probably crooked , a wrinkled black suit, a baggy white shirt, an unkempt beard, and pudgy fingers.

How to perform a due diligence before buying a business

Well, that was not the Rabbi David Marcus who arrived at my office that Wednesday afternoon. He was tall and good looking, with gentle brown eyes, dark hair, a strong nose, and large, powerful hands.

Due Diligence, a real estate podcast – Hey y’all, we got sprawl

The image fit. Despite a slight limp, he moved across the room with the grace of an athlete. I was strongly attracted to him from the start and had to force myself to remain in my professional role as attorney interviewing a prospective expert witness. It was quickly obvious that he not only possessed impressive credentials for the task but had a calm reassuring manner that would make him a compelling witness.

And best of all, I told myself, given that the trial was just a week away, if I retained him as my expert witness we would have to spend many hours together between now and then. My initial attraction continued to grow. David Marcus was an unusual man. Earnest and committed were adjectives that fit.

He was serious about his Judaism, about his Holocaust studies, about his involvement with the shelter for battered women. He was no lightweight. But fortunately, he also had a sense of humor. That was four nights ago. We were walking back along Maryland toward my office to get our cars. Really kiss him. A wine-spilling, silverware-clanking, busboy-blushing kiss.

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The urge passed somewhere between the first and second cups of espresso, leaving me almost ashamed for having such lustful thoughts about a rabbi, especially since I had no clear sense of what his feelings were for me. He stopped to study me. He kissed me tenderly on my forehead. He stared into my eyes, and then dropped his gaze slightly to my lips. He leaned forward and kissed me on the lips.

What's the Goal of Intellectual Property Due Diligence?

Our first kiss, slow and gentle. I let it last until I could just sense that all of my defense systems were shutting down. I opened my eyes as I leaned back in his arms. Two days passed, and then a client called with a pair of box seat tickets to the Cardinals game that night. I called David, who seemed delighted to hear from me but unenthused about going to a baseball game.

But to my surprise, David Marcus turned out to be an extremely knowledgeable student of baseball. On the way home from the game I made my decision. When the coffee was ready, I let Ozzie out in the backyard and David brought the steaming mugs into the living room. When I came into the living room, he was kneeling next to the stereo system flipping through my old albums. A good sign , I told myself. He had ignored the rack of CDs. I knew then it would be a wonderful night, and it was.

And now, at in the morning, I gazed at my handsome sleeping rabbi. He had actually carried me from the couch to the bedroom last night, scooping me up as if I weighed nothing. I was surprised by his strength, but as I studied his bare arms and chest I could see how powerful they were. A weight-lifting rabbi? You could do worse. I stretched with contentment. I turned to find him looking at me, a twinkle in his eyes.

Due Diligence, a real estate podcast – Hey y’all, we got sprawl

I leaned over and kissed him on the nose. An hour later, barefoot and wrapped in my terrycloth bathrobe, I came into the kitchen, fluffing my hair with a bath towel. The sight I found made me smile. David was dressed and at the kitchen table, reading the front page. Ozzie was curled on the floor at his feet. A fresh pot of coffee was on the counter and a basket of croissants, rolls, and Danish was on the table.

I leaned across the table and kissed him on the lips. I picked out a raspberry croissant, took a bite, and got up to pour myself some coffee. He came to me Saturday morning after services.

From what he was willing to say, it sounded to me like he needed to talk to a lawyer. I suggested he give you a call. I thought he did. He was calling from his car phone. Most new clients are reluctant to describe their problems over the phone, especially a car phone.

He got to my office right on time, but I was still stuck in a court hearing downtown. I called him from court and apologized. We rescheduled the meeting for Tuesday morning at nine. I shrugged. He never showed up, never called to explain, never called to reschedule. Has he said anything to you?

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David leaned back in his chair and scratched his neck pen- sively. I stood up with a shrug.