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Sort order. Aug 10, J. Confession: I have used the Alex Rider books, both the traditional novels and the graphic novels, in my own classroom now for almost a decade.

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There is the requisite amount of intrigue and suspense in the book, and the level of violence is never such that I would feel uncomfortable sharing this book with a student. That being said, I enjoyed the book as an adult reader and appreciate the ending, which definitely leads into questions for the next entry in the series. In true form with the spy genre, Alex travels through exotic locations on his way to unraveling the mystery behind Scorpia.

My review was based on an advance copy. May 17, Zohal rated it really liked it. Wow, I forgot how good the plots for Alex Rider books are.

Scorpia (Alex Rider Book 5)

It's a shame the art for the graphic novel adaptations aren't very appealing. Apr 06, Patricia rated it really liked it. Changed graphic artists? View 1 comment. Dec 23, Bruce rated it it was amazing.

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Here Alex Rider, a teen boy turned secret agent, searches for the truth of his past and parents, joining and dodging sinister forces bent on creating havoc on society. This is a continuation of the Alex Rider series.

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I found the story enticing, the illustrations drawing me in to learn more about the character. The closest thing that comes to mind is the Cody Banks features made some time back, but without the humor and childish pranks.


This story is a serious work that plunges an innocent teenage boy into constant life and death situations. Alex Rider is a believable character, and written in a style that I can root for him. He pulls no punches and tries his best to do what is right according to his conscience. Most of the words are clean, the pacing of the story is brisk and a real page turner for me. I highly recommend it for teen readers, as well as for all who enjoy a spy thriller. Aug 03, Wayne McCoy rated it it was ok Shelves: graphic-novels.

Alex is on a class trip to Italy, but he is also following up on the one word clue he's been given previously: Scorpia. What he finds is a shadow organization that may have had ties to his father. Alex wants to find out more. When he gets recruited in to Scorpia, they want to train him to be a killer, but he doesn't want to. They send him on a mission to MI6 to assassinate, but what will Alex do? I'm familiar with this series, but I've not read any of them. The story is fine, but seems a bit morally ambiguous.

Alex seems confused about who he is, but he's a teenager, so is suppose that is normal. I found the art to be lacking, and very unimpressive. The story is also dialogue heavy at times, and that made it feel ponderous to read. I received a review copy of this graphic novel from Candlewick Press and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for allowing me to review this graphic novel. Although it is not the first in the series, there was enough information given to easily follow the story line. May also be an inducement for readers who enjoy it to pick up the text version next.

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Excellent addition to a graphic novel collection. Alex finds out that his father may not have been the type of person he had always thought he was. In order to find out more, he gets involved with an agency of super-villains known as Scorpia.

I'm really enjoying the graphic novel series as it goes on, it's a bunch of fun. If you're younger and like video games or spy stories without lots of details this is the series for you! This installment did have an artist change so the artwork and colouring is different, but it was still really good and I enjoyed it!

Dec 03, Rubi rated it really liked it. Rothman or however you spell it, slipping my mind atm , was drawn. She was supposed to be gorgeous and she just looked old and withered.

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  6. Other than that, good read. Pretty true to the novel and amazing artwork. Loved it! Aug 20, RAV rated it liked it. This was an okay book, but I'm pretty sure the author and illustrator just added pictures to the original story. But, it is a very good story and is not hard to follow along like some graphic novels.

    Aug 02, Sandra rated it liked it Shelves: graphic-novel. Artwork was great, story was ok. Suspend disbelief and these are a bit more enjoyable. The cliffhanger ending is such a teaser. Apr 30, Krista rated it really liked it.

    Alex Rider Mission 5: Scorpia

    Ah, Scorpia, otherwise known as 'the one where our hero Alex Rider gets heckin' mad and joins a terrorist organization'. Let the good times role! Jan 22, Becky B rated it really liked it Shelves: young-adult , graphic-novels , spy , thriller.

    Following a lead given to him by Yassen, Alex Rider takes advantage of a school field trip to Venice to hunt for Scorpia. He knows nothing about Scorpia except his father was once a part of it. Alex manages to get into Scorpia, but they tell him some horrifying things about MI6 and his father. And then they give him a mission Meanwhile, Scorpia is planning something, something that will harm thousands of tweens in London. Can Alex figure out the truth and which side to a Following a lead given to him by Yassen, Alex Rider takes advantage of a school field trip to Venice to hunt for Scorpia.

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    Can Alex figure out the truth and which side to align with in time? Skeleton Key Alex Rider, 3. Scorpia Alex Rider, 5. Snakehead Alex Rider, 7.