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to Sleep Your Way to A Better Body, Better Health, and Bigger Success na Through better sleep and optimized nutrition, Stevenson not only healed his body but . You're going to get a ton of tips and strategies to make that happen, but first in The Lancet that looked at a group of physicians proved that sleep- deprived.
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With all the essential benefits that sleep is giving you, you will never, I repeat NEVER, have the body and life you want without giving your body the right amount of sleep.

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Get more sunlight during the day. Melatonin is produced by the pineal gland in your brain and sends a signal to regulate the sleep-wake cycle in your body. The production and secretion of melatonin is powerfully affected by light exposure. Sunlight provides the natural spectrum of light that we need to help coordinate the cycle of melatonin production. Avoid the screen. This is likely the 1 thing you can do to improve your sleep quality immediately. Computers, iPads, televisions, smartphones, etc are kicking out a sleep-sucking blue spectrum of light that can give you major sleep problems.

If you want to give your body the deep sleep it needs, make it a mandate to turn off all screens a full hour before bedtime. If you ignore this and continue to have problems sleeping, I promise you Jimmy Kimmel is not going to pay your hospital bills. Use a blue light blocker. Extenuating circumstances come up, and you may need to be on the computer later than you want. This is where cool advancements in technology can come in to help smooth things out.

On my Mac I have a free application called f. But this is a tool you can use that can definitely help you out along the way. Have a caffeine curfew. Caffeine is a powerful nervous system stimulant.

Sleep Smarter: 21 Proven Tips to Sleep Your Way To a Better Body, Better Health and Bigger Success

If your nervous system is lit up, you can forget about getting high quality sleep. Set an unbreakable curfew stop time to make sure that your body has time to remove it from your system. Be cool. Well, I can tell you that I sweated off a lot of pounds those summers tossing and turning in my bed upstairs oh, and heat rises by the way trying to sleep through the heat. If the temperature in your environment stays too high, then it can be a bit of a physiological challenge for your body to get into the ideal state for restful sleep.

Studies have found that the ideal room temperature for sleep is around 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything above 75 or below 54 will likely cause some difficulty sleeping. Get to bed at the right time. This is key! You can literally get amplified benefits of sleep by sleeping at the right hours. You get the most rejuvenating effects during this time, and any sleep that you get in addition is a bonus.

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Today, however, we can trump nature and light up our house like a Las Vegas stripper sign. We can be up until 3 a. Use high quality magnesium. Magnesium is a bonafide anti-stress mineral. It helps optimize circulation and blood pressure, balance blood sugar, relax tense muscles, reduce pain, and calm the nervous system. Yet, because it has so many functions, it tends to get depleted from our bodies rather fast. Magnesium deficiency is likely the 1 mineral deficiency in our world today.

Because a large percentage of magnesium is lost in the digestive process, the ideal form of magnesium is transdermal from supercritical extracts. You can find more info on right here: Benefits of Magnesium. Quality is everything, and taking too much of a low-budget internal magnesium supplement can have you sprinting to the bathroom like Usain Bolt.

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If you want to get the insider info on how to get your magnesium levels up, make sure to check out this post. Get it blacked out. Having light sources of any type in your bedroom can disrupt your sleep patterns. Did you know that your skin actually has receptors that can pick up light? The best solution is: Black it out! And get any other sources of non-stop light out of your room too. I blacked out my bedroom and have been getting the best sleep of my life ever since. Create a sleep sanctuary.

If getting rejuvenating sleep is a high priority for you, then you need to take some essential actions to treat it as such. The bedroom should be for two things primarily… 1. Sleep and 2. Stop making your bedroom the entertainment hub of your house.

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Humans are creatures of habit AND habitat. My 1-year old son knows that when we go into his bedroom at night, good sleep is about to go down. Crazy, right? Make your bedroom a sacred place where peace, calm, and relaxation are overflowing. Having an orgasm is like a full-on sedative for most people. Train hard but smart. I had a client a few years back that moved here from France to go to college. He came to work with me in the gym and had some very specific physical goals that he wanted to achieve. I can tell you, it was written all over his face and body.

We focused on heavy, superset-style strength training. His workouts were short, but intense, and within days everything changed. Have you heard of EMFs before? This means Electromagnetic Fields or Electromagnetic Noise. Numerous studies have confirmed that the EMFs coming from our everyday electronic devices can cause disruption of communication between the cells in our body.

This means you can have everything from hormonal problems to cancer showing up by being exposed to these things too long. And even knowing this, so many people whine and moan when they find out they need to get these devices out of their bedroom to protect themselves. People hang on to their phones and electronic devices like they are their best friend in the world.

Get the electronics OUT of your room!

Television, laptops, cell phones, all of these things are kicking out radiation that is disrupting your sleep. Have your entertainment in the entertainment area of your home. Keep your bedroom reserved for sleep and sex. Really… people still watch T.

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Have a high protein, low carb snack close to bed time. If you want to get truly restful sleep, one of the worst things you can do is eat right before bed. Give your body a solid 90 minutes more is better before heading off to bed after eating. If you feel you need to have something shortly before bed again, at least 90 minutes then go with a high protein food. The amino acids in the protein food like tryptophan can actually aid in getting a more beneficial sleep.